Make these delicious Anzac biscuits for the ultimate healthy treat

What’s not to adore about a decent ol’ Anzac roll? They’re spending plan agreeable, a secure to make, and they simply soften in your mouth like no other roll.

But since of their fixing list that peruses significantly more like a spread heart assault, there’s likewise a decent shot you’ve endeavored to throw together a “sound” form of our most loved scone, and there’s additionally a to a great degree great possibility that you were left with a cluster of dry, boring rocks. #guilty

However, say no more, on the grounds that our most loved fitspo team, Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, have shared their solid Anzac bread formula that won’t abandon you baffled. Truly, you won’t miss the kilo of spread, sugar and flour that is utilized to make the OG variant. What’s more, when you thought there was no scone that could trump the compelling Anzac, well this one finish them all with a completing sprinkle of chocolate. Since let be honest – chocolate improves everything 100 times.

Chocolate Drizzle Anzac Biscuits

Makes 14

Prep 20 min

Cook 20 min


200g moved oats, separated

50g dried up coconut

80g almonds

60gm coconut oil, dissolved

2 tbsp nectar

1 tsp vanilla concentrate

2 tbsp water

40g dull chocolate, generally slashed


1. Preheat stove to 160°C and line a heating plate with preparing paper.

2. Include 150 grams of the oats, coconut and almonds into a sustenance processor and barrage until the point that the almonds are prepared and everything is finely ground. Include the coconut oil, nectar, vanilla and water and heartbeat until the point when the blend is consolidated and sticky. Move the blend into a bowl and blend through the staying moved oats.

3. Utilizing wet hands, shape the blend into 14 balls and place onto a preparing plate, smoothing them down marginally. Exchange to stove and prepare for 20 minutes. Cool on the plate for 10 minutes before exchanging to wire track to cool totally.

4. Place the chocolate in a glass bowl over a pot of stew water and permit to tenderly dissolve. Utilize a spatula to rub the chocolate into a channeling pack (or utilize a fork) to sprinkle chocolate over the scones. Permit to cool again at room temperature until the point that chocolate is set.

5. Extra scones can be put away in a sealed shut holder in a cool place for 3 days.

Note: if blend does not meet up, include another tablespoon of water.

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