Best Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Are you having problem dealing with Hypertension or High Blood Pressure? If yes, then these advice given by a professional health and fitness trainer are for you. These are home remedies for high blood pressure.

What is High Blood pressure?

Most of us have heard of high blood pressure, but do we really know what is? Do we know how it affects the body while we’re trying to live our best fit life and be better people? Let’s explore this…….

So, you go to doctor one day for a routine check-up and they say, “oh dear, your blood pressure is rather high”. Is this the part you go into a panic attack or just wait for more information? It is better for the more information part as that’s always the best way to go.

High blood pressure is basically the heart working harder to ensure that the body has enough blood supply. The force of the blood against the artery wall is too high.

Many people call this the silent killer as its symptoms are not easily recognized, thus making it hard to catch in time.

home remedies for high blood pressure

People with a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) are more susceptible to this disease. In fact, the fat in the torso are of the body puts too much pressure on the heart to pump the blood through the body.

BMI=(body mass)/〖(height in metres)〗^2

Also, the fatty tissue like to hang around the arteries thus adding to this pressure. Most often, the easier way to identify this is by feeling some sort of chest discomfort or as if your heart will jump out of your chest after a brisk walk. But once the doctor says you have this disease, how to you treat it or reverse it?

how to control high blood pressure at home

There are a number of ways and things you can do to reverse it or treat it. We asked a professional health and fitness trainer and here are home remedies for high blood pressure she gave us:

1. Nutrition

Eating a healthy and balanced diet goes a long way. Reducing unhealthy fats, caffeine and alcohol will make a huge difference as these substances in food induce an increased heart rate. They also contribute to added pressure in the circulation of blood in the arteries.

2. Stress management

Most of the times we hardly notice how stressed we are and the lack of managing it makes our blood pressure to sky rocket.
Trying to keep a cool head and not worry too much about things beyond our control will go a long way.

Doing activities such as yoga, Pilates and meditation can assist and help in controlling the breathing and movements. This can help you find your centre and self-control.

3. Exercise

Another way to manage the blood pressure will be through exercise. In the beginning it won’t be easy as you may find yourself a little winded and struggling but it will all be worth it.

It would be advisable to start with basic aerobic training to strengthen your heart. Some examples are exercises such as simple walking, cycling, hiking, swimming and eventually jogging and/ or running.

This would be best if started at slow and manageable pace and as you get stronger, you may increase the intensity, duration or the activity.
Simple things like parking your car or motor cycle further from an entrance or using the stairs are a great way to start.

  • HIIT Training – this is High Intensity Interval Training. This means that you will be alternating short burst of high intensity activity with sufficient breaks in between.
    An easy example of this would be running one block and walking the next. This would be more advisable to do with a trainer as they will plan a workout program for you based on your abilities and severity of the diagnosis.
  • Weight Training – this type of exercise is to strengthen the muscles in the body and also gives the body a steady increase in heart rate, so it will be less aggressive to the breathing patterns.
    You don’t necessarily need accessories for these. Your body weight is more than capable of doing the job.
    Basic squats, lunges, push ups and sit ups will be a good start at strengthening yourself for the better.

Home remedies for high blood pressure: Some helpful Advice

Exercise is not as complex as people would like to think. All it is doing the basic movements the body is meant to do in order to strengthen the muscles and ensure that you can have the mobility and functionality you are meant to.

Workout will be done at a faster pace or in different order or format so that the body doesn’t recognize it as normal, so you can keep seeing results.

Before performing any exercise, or using any home remedies for high blood pressure, it’s always advisable to ask your doctor about Dos and Don’ts as you do not want to put yourself in danger.

If you will work with a personal trainer, they will be better informed as to what type of program to create for you to remedy the high blood pressure while pursuing other fitness goals.

Few Last words

Exercise and healthy eating is the best way to confront high blood pressure. As the disease is often a lifestyle disease, changing your lifestyle for the better always make a difference against such illnesses.

The healthier your body is, you are less like to fall ill or be trapped by diseases like high blood pressure.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is a duty to all of us and these home remedies for high blood pressure will make your life easier if you make it your routine.

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