How to Achieve Ideal Weight in 2 Weeks Naturally

Weight loss in 2 weeks is possible even though difficult not easy.

Best practice advises to seek medical guidance to meet your personal situation before going on with any form of diet.

World statistics

Overweight and obesity constitute a burden for the everyone.

Studies has shown that worldwide, the prevalence of obesity has increased between 1980 and 2013 from 28.8 to 36.9 percent in men and from 29.8 to 38.0 percent in women (1)

Quest to weight loss

People around the world strive to lose weight and maintain it to their Ideal Body Mass Index (BMI).

Many are choosing option of weight loss products such as, pills, teas, shakes and others are going for surgery to lose huge amounts of weight quickly.

In that quest, questions are coming in mind and somehow, we are all concerned about knowing the best and sustainable strategy to lose weight fast.

This guide will walk you through some of the attitudes and habits that will help you lose weight fast AS FAST AS 2 WEEKS!!

We expose in this a fully natural way to achieve a weight loss without use of any supplement.

This does not mean supplements are not good or useful but we want first to help you do what you can without investing too much money.

Changing Habits

Changing what you eat, when you eat it and making some adjustment in your lifestyle can help you achieve and sustain a perfect weight loss. This practice stands as a much healthier and long-term option.


 1. Make water your main drink

 Water can play the role of a perfect drink to bring your weight down. It contains no calories, no carbohydrates and almost no sodium, unlike other beverages.

Water flushes your system and eliminates unnecessary toxins giving your body an easier way to lose weight.

Sticking to water strictly (except an hour before workout) will bring your chances of losing weight fast even higher.

You can add some flavour using lemon wedges or mint leaves time to time to make it taste and / or smell a bit different.

2. Avoid white carbs and eat more lean proteins

These foods may increase the insulin levels and lead to fat store which consequently increases the body weight.  This includes cookies, pasta, white rice, sandwiches, etc.

Try instead to replace those by veggies, whole-grain bread products. Vegetables are digested slowly and as a matter of fact help you stay full for a long period during the day.

For a better result, going completely off carbs may be a good option. This will bring your body in ketosis resulting to weight loss and appetite suppression.(2)

Tiredness and unpleasant feeling may be felt at the beginning of the diet but on a long run people report and increase level of energy and more focus. (3)

Fish consumption is a good practice because its fatty acids gives your body what is important in terms of oils, and may calm the need to eat greasy foods.

Find more on the benefit of fish oils here

3. Avoid completely Junk foods

If you are willing to achieve your goal by an extreme weight loss programme you should completely cut off junk foods from your diet.

This includes all greasy and fatty foods, all foods with high sugar. While doing your shopping make sure to read carefully the labels.

In an extreme weight loss programme, even things like yoghourt can be a barrier to the achievement of your goals because they may contain a high level of sugar.


1. Never skip meals

Your body needs all its daily meals. Skipping one or fasting for a day may make it difficult to lose weight.

Long period of fasting lead to muscle loss and other health related issues.

In fact, when fasting, the body switches automatically to a conservative mode. Meaning it starts to conserve calories by burning them at a slow rate. Weight loss that way can happen the first few days and leave place to a weight gain later.

2. Give yourself time discipline

It is not good behaviour to eat late when trying to follow intense and strict diet plan. Night eating often happen with television on and people around, which might make you lose control on what you are eating.

Stick to a strict respect of your rules even though sometimes (once a week often) you may relax a bit.

3. Control how much you eat

Moderation in what you are eating is very crucial even with healthy foods.

Use small plates and small utensils while ensuring not to go for another portion.

Prepare your snacks in advance then at any time of the day when you feel hungry, grab it. This to ensure not to eat more than the right portion.


Exercise daily. A 30 minute of cardio every day will help you burn more fat. This needs to be done at least 5 days a week. Also try to be as active as possible each day.

Drink coffee one hour before a workout. As I said earlier, if you want an intense weight loss stick to water except before workout. That the only time you can drink beverage other than water.


Cooking yourself will help you control everything you put into your body. Therefore, start cooking and preparing your meal by yourself.

This includes also shopping for yourself which will help you check all labeling and choose what best for you.

Resting enough and trying to achieve a full night sleep helps. Resting help your body to get more energized. Sleeping enough, between 7 to 8 hours, will boost your metabolism.

This said, there is no magic behind losing weight. To achieve your goal, you need to put more effort and commitment.

Give yourself some expectations and adopt a winner attitude. Know that without self motivation nothing serious will happen and you will be going from diet to diet and not getting results.

These lines serve as guidelines. Our aim is to help people find the best they can in themselves and put it into practice.

In any case if you are doubting or suffering from a specific condition, consult your doctor or dietitian before embarking into any kind of weight loss journey.

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